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“The ONLY Science-Based Copywriting Course Designed to Give You the ‘DNA’ of a Multimillionaire Entrepreneur”

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   -Dan S. Kennedy

The World’s Leading Authority on Direct Response Marketing

Seth Czerepak Has Accomplished a Herculean Purpose With This System.

“…He has taken some of the most sophisticated aspects of writing to influence, motivate, persuade and sell and made them accessible and pragmatically useful, nearly to the point of fill in the blank systemization.

It is relatively easy to systemize the making of a sub sandwich in 1,000 Subway® shops or the installation of a car muffler in a 1,000 Midas Muffler® shops. It is far, far, far from easy to systemize the crafting of persuasive copy.

I know. I have been a professional direct-response copywriter for 40+ years, and raised myself to top income in the field, routinely commanding upwards from $100,000.00 per project, earning a 7-figure annual income from fees and royalties, with over 85% of all clients repeating with me.

Further, I have taught copywriting to writers, direct marketers and business owners via seminars and workshops, home study and online courses, and one to one coaching. There are easier things to teach. Seth has covered essential bases and delved into advanced and groundbreaking territory as well.”   

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