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Our Values

We’ve built our digital content marketing agency on the entrepreneurial principles that made America free and prosperous.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs expand their online presence, reach more customers, create jobs, and do their part in building a robust grassroots economy. We consider Cancel Culture to be unamerican and toxic to economic independence and we actively support small businesses over global corporations and tech monopolies.

Click the button below to learn how our signature content marketing strategy will help you attract more leads, win more customers, and become more economically resilient.

Our Strategy

Our Digital Content Marketing Strategy is based on the top eight best practices of digital content marketing…

1. Your Content Marketing Goal(s).
2. Your Content Marketing Audience(s).
3. Your Content Distribution Channels.
4. Your Content Distribution Schedule.
5. Your Content Creation Plan.
6. Your Content Marketing Team.
7. Your Content Marketing KPIs.
8. Your Internal Promotion Strategy.

This eight step content marketing strategy helps you attract an evergreen stream of qualified leads and turn them into loyal customers, even when you aren’t marketing.

Our Services

VQ Success is an American Content Marketing Agency that specializes in content-rich website articles and email campaigns to attract more leads and convert them into loyal customers. Our Digital Content Marketing Services include…

1. Target Audience Research.
2. Content Strategy Development.
3. Managed Content Marketing Services.
4. Content Marketing Training.

Our signature strategy combines the eight best practices of digital content marketing. If you’re ready to attract more leads, win more customers, and grow your business, contact us now for a phone consultation.

Our Content Marketing Strategy

Want a steady stream of high-quality inbound leads? You need a well-documented content marketing strategy. According to a 2017 CMI Report, content marketing generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing and is 62% less expensive. Inbound leads are typically more value conscious and much more likely to become your immediate customers.

Most importantly, a steady stream of high-quality inbound leads makes your business less vulnerable to sales slumps and sudden economic downturns. This is why more smart marketing managers and entrepreneurs are seeking digital content marketing agencies like us.

What a Digital Content Marketing Agency Does

Since 2010, marketing research has consistently revealed that quality lead generation is the biggest challenge facing modern businesses. Anyone who has run a small business, a sales team, or a marketing department knows the nail-biting anxiety of what we call “Lead Poverty.”

Businesses that don’t attract a steady stream of high-quality inbound leads are highly vulnerable to sales slumps, economic downturns, and market pressure from new competitors. Our signature content marketing strategy solves this problem, for good, by creating what we call “Content Equity.”

Content Equity is the cumulative value of your published content (online or offline ) in terms of its capacity to increase your marketing ROI by improving measurable marketing KPIs (e.g., lead generation rates, cost per lead, conversion rates, etc.). When you hire us, you’ll be investing in a long-term strategy to make your business more profitable, more competitive, and more economically resilient.

Digital Content Marketing Agency for Lead Generation

Source: Cience Article citing multiple marketing studies.

The VQ Success Content Marketing Strategy

The VQ Success Content Marketing Strategy focuses on defining, documenting, and implementing best practices…

  • Your Content Marketing Goal(s).
  • Your Content Marketing Audience(s).
  • Your Content Distribution Channels.
  • Your Content Distribution Schedule.
  • Your Content Creation Plan.
  • Your Content Marketing Team.
  • Your Content Marketing KPIs.
  • Your Internal Promotion Strategy.
Digital Content Marketing Agency Testimonials

Expert Endorsement

Dan S Kennedy on The VQ Success Content Marketing Strategy

“Seth Czerepak has accomplished a Herculean purpose with The VQ Success Selling System. He has taken some of the most sophisticated aspects of writing to influence, motivate, persuade and sell and made them accessible and pragmatically useful, nearly to the point of fill in the blank systemization. It is relatively easy to systemize the making of a sub sandwich in 1,000 Subway® shops or the installation of a car muffler in 1,000 Midas Muffler® shops. It is far, far, far from easy to systemize the crafting of persuasive copy. I know. I have been a professional direct-response copywriter for 40+ years, and raised myself to top income in the field, routinely commanding upwards from $100,000.00 per project, earning a 7-figure annual income from fees and royalties, with over 85% of all clients repeating with me. Further, I have taught copywriting to writers, direct marketers and business owners via seminars and workshops, home study and online courses, and one to one coaching. There are easier things to teach. Seth has covered essential bases and delved into advanced and groundbreaking territory as well.”

Benefits of a Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Benefit #1: Inbound Leads

The biggest benefit of working with a digital content marketing agency is inbound lead generation. Inbound leads are statistically proven to be more cost-effective and higher quality. Inbound leads are more likely to become your new clients or customers, and less likely to haggle over price. This is especially true when your digital content marketing strategy captures your prospect's attention earlier in the buying cycle. 

Most small B2B startups (ten employees or less) invest a lot of time into cold-calling or networking for leads. This gives them less time to serve their clients, implement new ideas, and to grow their business. It also makes them more vulnerable to sales slumps and economic dry spells. Small B2C and eCommerce businesses that don't generate inbound leads are forced to pay for them or to rely on paid marketing platforms and the slow process of social media marketing. 

A good digital content marketing agency solves this problem by planning, documenting, and implementing a content marketing strategy that creates an evergreen source of high-quality inbound leads. 

Benefit #2: Content Equity

Content Equity is the most valuable, and least understood benefit of hiring a digital content marketing agency. In content marketing, we use the term equity to describe anything which has lasting value in terms of its ability to produce sales income for your business. For example, we define Content Equity as the cumulative value of your published content (online or offline ) in terms of its capacity to increase your ROI by improving your marketing KPIs. Content Marketing KPIs include your lead generation rates, your cost per lead, your conversion rates, etc. 

One good example of Content Equity is a local business that has hundreds of positive customer reviews. If these reviews are published on trustworthy review sites, they will attract a stream of quality inbound leads. This will happen even if the local business isn’t actively spending money to find new customers. Prospects will find these positive reviews while researching the company. They might also find them when researching services offered by a competitor.

Content Distribution Channel Strategy

By the time the prospects have read these reviews and are ready to talk to a salesperson, they’ll be more likely to become customers. They also be less likely to haggle about price and more likely to pay premium prices for a high-quality service. All of this happens because of the body of content (reviews) this local business has built up over time.

This is a simple example of Content Equity. You can produce a similar result to the above by publishing a solid body of relevant, credible, and well-crafted articles, white-papers, podcasts, videos, and infographics. True, there is no substitute for positive and credible customer reviews. If this marketing content is being shared on social media or consistently showing up at the top of search results, it will have a similar effect as the abovementioned body of customer reviews.

This is how Content Equity increases your long-term and permanent ability to attract a sustainable flow of inbound leads and to convert those leads into loyal customers. 

Benefit #3: Economic Resilience

Economic resilience is the ultimate long-term benefit of working with our digital content marketing agency. Our eight-part content marketing strategy is designed to create an evergreen body of published content that generates a steady stream of high-quality inbound leads, even while you're not marketing your business. 

This is the most important difference between our digital content marketing strategy and your ordinary digital marketing or SEO services. Most companies charge you thousands of dollars a month just to keep the leads coming in. If you stop using the services, it's only a matter of time before your inbound leads start to dry up. This is because most digital content marketing services aren't focused on building evergreen lead generation capabilities for your business. 

At VQ Success, our goal is to help you build what we call "Content Equity." Content Equity is the cumulative value of your published content (online or offline ) in terms of its capacity to increase your ROI by improving your marketing KPIs. Content Marketing KPIs include your lead generation rates, your cost per lead, your conversion rates, etc. By building content equity, we create an evergreen body of credible content that rewards you with a steady stream of inbound leads, long after you're finished working with us.  

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