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Target Audience Research Services

The more you know about your target audience, the more effective your content marketing efforts will be. This starts with defining your Buyer’s Persona. A Buyer’s Persona is a semi-fictitious profile of your ideal customer derived from research of one of all of the following…

  1. Your existing customers.
  2. Your competitors’ audience(s).
  3. The demographics of your niche or industry.

Research from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that B2B content marketers create content for an average of three different audiences; 95% have more than one, and 45% have four or more audiences. They also found that B2C marketers create content for an average of four different audiences; 95% have more than one audience, and 54% have four or more. Most importantly, content marketing research has uncovered these statistics about B2C and B2B companies…

Digital Content Marketing Agency Audience Research
  • 56% generate higher quality leads using buyer personas.
  • 24% of companies generate more leads using buyer personas.
  • 36% created shorter sales cycles using buyer personas.
  • 93% exceeded lead and revenue goals using buyer personas.

Source: boardview.io blog on buyer’s persona statistics.

Our target audience research services help you define and document your primary buyer’s persona(s). We then use targeted research strategies to uncover the most relevant and credible content formats, distribution channels, and topics for each of your buyer’s personas. Our target audience research also focuses on uncovering the reading habits and buying preferences of your primary buyer’s persona(s). 

Content Strategy Development Services

Want to build and manage your own internal content marketing team? We’ll help you get started on the right foot. The smartest way to succeed in content marketing is start with a customized and well-documented content marketing strategy. Our signature content marketing strategy is based on the top eight best practices of digital content marketing…

  • Your Content Marketing Goal(s).
  • Your Content Marketing Audience(s).
  • Your Content Distribution Channels.
  • Your Content Distribution Schedule.
  • Your Content Creation Plan.
  • Your Content Marketing Team.
  • Your Content Marketing KPIs.
  • Your Internal Promotion Strategy.

We’ll adapt these eight steps to help you develop a custom, start-to-finish content marketing strategy for your business. By the time we’re done developing and documenting your custom content marketing strategy, you’ll be ready to implement it with confidence using your own internal or freelance content marketing team. 

Managed Content Marketing Services

Want to outsource your digital content marketing to a team of hard-working professionals? Hire us and we’ll plan, implement, manage, and perfect a digital content marketing strategy that’s perfectly customized for your business. 

Our content marketing services are designed to ensure long-term results through building what we call “Content Equity.” Content Equity is the cumulative value of your published content (online or offline ) in terms of its capacity to generate you a steady stream of high-quality inbound leads. 

We achieve this goal by planning and documenting a content marketing strategy that’s perfectly matched for your goals and your business model. Once we’ve created your strategy, we’ll implement, manage, monitor and optimize it. We can also build a freelance content marketing team and train them to work directly for you after you’re finished working with us. 

Conservative Digital Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Training

Are you a do it yourself marketer who wants to plan, implement, manage, and optimize your own digital content marketing strategy? Maybe you just want to hire and manage your own content marketing team and use our expertise to do it.  Our content marketing training program will show you…

  • How to Set Your Content Marketing Goal(s).
  • How to Define Your Content Marketing Audience(s).
  • How to Find Your Content Distribution Channels.
  • How to Develop Your Content Distribution Schedule.
  • How to Create and Execute Your Content Creation Plan.
  • How to Build and Manage Your Content Marketing Team.
  • How to Track and Improve Your Content Marketing KPIs.
  • How to Manage Your Internal Promotion Strategy.

This content marketing training program is based on the eight best practices of the VQ Success digital content marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to plan and document a content marketing strategy that’s perfectly matched for your goals and your business model. We’ll also train and coach you through implementing, managing, monitoring, and optimizing your content marketing strategy. This is the perfect solution for creating an evergreen source of quality, inbound leads, without spending the expensive of hiring a digital content marketing services agency.

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